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Sunday May 12, 2024

Hello Hockey fans, here is Episode 104 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast to take a listen to, topics include-
#1. Kaiden Guhle joins team Canada. It will be a great experience for him.
#2. What’s with the issues that people apparently have with Nick Suzuki’s decision to decline joining team Canada?
#3. Will Surgery prevent Juraj Slafkovsky from playing for Slovakia? His health, recovery and readiness for opening night of the 2024/2025 are far more important.
#4. The Boston Bruins eliminated the Toronto Maple leaf’s again!
#5. The Florida Panther Vs. Boston Bruins series is a crap shoot.
 #6. It’s looking like the N.Y. Rangers are going to knock out the Carolina Hurricane in 4 games.
#7. The Dallas Stars & Colorado Avalanche is more evenly matched than many thought.
#8. Could the Vancouver Canucks smoother the Edmonton Oilers and knock them out?
#9. The Winnipeg Jets head coach Rick Bowness has announced his retirement, not surprising at all.
#10. The St. Louis Blues have removed the interim coaching title from acting head coach Drew Bannister, and named him the permanent head coach.
#11. The Ottawa Senators have found and signed their next and new head coach Travis Green.
#12. Really surprised that the Ottawa Senators did hire Craig Berube as their next head coach.
#13. The New Jersey Devils are still looking for their next head coach.
#14.  I wish Lindy Ruff a lot of luck in Buffalo.
#15. The L.A. Kings club is looking for a new voice to take them to the promise land before retirements and rebuild begins.
#16. Add the Seattle Kraken to the teams looking for a new head coach.
#17. The San Jose Sharks have decided they also need a new voice for their team and are now also looking for a new head coach.
#18. The 3 finalists for the NHL’s Heart trophy are Conner McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon and Nikita Kucherov.
#19. Seriously, there are people that are actually questioning Montreal Managements decision to extend head coach Martin St. Louis contract by 2 years, are you kidding me?
#20. What’s with the outrageous claim, judgement, and conclusion that the Montreal Canadiens have somehow lost the Artturi Lehkonen trade with the Colorado Avalanche?
#21. Johnathan Drouin had a fantastic season playing for the Colorado Avalanche for the same reasons Artturi Lehkonen did, they are playing for an incredible talent laden team.
#22. As predicted Sheldon Keefe is the first fall guy in Toronto, as he’s been fired. Who else will be gone?

Sunday May 05, 2024

Hey Hockey fans, here is Episode 103 Part 2 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast To Take a Listen To, Topics Include-
#1. In a dramatic overtime game 7 the Boston Bruins have eliminated the Toronto Maple Leaf’s with a goal by David Pastrnack, what happens next in Toronto?
#2. Pittsburgh Penguins President & G.M. Karl Dubas follows threw and fires associate coach Todd Reirden, does this start a ripple effect on the coaching staff and organizationally elsewhere?
#3. Time for some spending in Montreal,
#4. Montreal already has ready and waiting far better prospects and talent within it’s own organization and does not need to sign anyone else from anywhere else, stop!
#5. Montreal already has Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dach and Owen Beck 1,2,3 at center. If you have an issue with Beck in that list, add Alex Newhook at 3 and put Beck at 4. Either way, Montreal is set.
#6. Montreal’s top 9 are set and are on an equal playing field with all other clubs in the NHL
#7. The Montreal Canadiens certainly do not need to sign and bring back Max Pacioretty from the Washington Capitals as an offseason free agent signing, nor do they need to make a trade with the N.Y. Rangers for Kaapo Kako either.
#8. Round 2 of the 2023/2024 NHL Playoffs kicks off with the Boston Bruins Vs. The Florida Panthers, Florida should have Boston’s number, but the Bruins have a never die attitude like few do.

Sunday May 05, 2024

Episode 103 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast Part 1 Topics.
#1. So much for the Washington Capitals and their 2023/2024 playoffs.
#2. Alexander Ovechkin was held pointless in the series.
#3. One has to tip their hat to the N.Y. Rangers, as they were clearly the better team.
#4. The inevitable and coming rebuild for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
#5. Will Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin request trades to a contender?
#6. Will Kris Letang request a trade to contender or retire?
 #7. Erik Karlsson has no chemistry in Pittsburgh.
#8. The L.A. Kings, Winnipeg Jet’s, Tampa Bay Lightning, and N.Y Islanders all lost 4 to 1 in their series.
#9. The Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, N.Y. Rangers, and the Carolina Hurricanes are all moving on.
#10. The Boston/Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Nashville/Vancouver and Las Vegas/Dallas series have been the most competitive series so far in the 2023/2024 playoffs.
#11. It would not be surprising at all if the L.A. King’s, Winnipeg Jets and depending on what happens with Toronto, these teams could all be looking for new head coaches.
#12. If Toronto loses their series, will Mitch Marner be the fall guy and traded?
#13. Add the Seattle Kraken to the growing list of NHL teams looking for a new head coach, as they have fired their head coach Dave Hakstol.
#14 Is there a power struggle in Pittsburgh between President/G.M. Karl Dubas and Head Coach Mike Sullivan?
#15. Will Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’Amour still be in Carolina next season?
#16. Winnipeg’s 2024 first round draft pick is now a mid-first round pick, with the series loss to the Colorado Avalanche, which Montreal Canadiens own’s via the Sean Monahan trade.
#17. Will Rick Bowness be back in Winnipeg?
#18. Will the Winnipeg Jets remain in Winnipeg long term, or are they the next team to be relocated?

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

Hello hockey Fans out there, here is Episode 102 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast to take a listen to, discussions include-
#1. Why would Montreal even remotely be looking at 5 insurance policy goaltenders over the offseason as they have plenty of organizational talent?
#2. Samual Montembeau and Cayden Primeau are firmly in place and will hold the fort in Montreal as other internal talent develops.
#3. Is it not realized that NHL clubs can only have 50 players in their entire organization under contract at any given time, per the collective bargaining agreement?
#4. What 3 mistakes that Kent Hughes can’t afford to make this off season are people referring to? Kent hasn’t made a single mistake yet.
#5. Montreal has no need to target any free agent defensemen nor 5 specific defensemen in the upcoming offseason, and certainly do not need to add a veteran defenseman to the 3rd pairing. What part of Mike Matheson, David Savard, Johnathan Kovacevic, Arber Xhekaj, Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Jayden Struble, Logan Mailloux, David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, Adam Enstrom and Wiiliam Trudeau is not being understood or is not clear. That’s 12 internal ready defensemen. You can only play 6. That’s a starting 6 X 2, hello!
#6. Is there just a lot of sentimental nostalgia in the air? There is no room to bring back Tyler Toffoli or Sean Monahan in Montreal. The team is moving on in its development and prospects are ready to take the roster spots.
#7. I hope that J.F. Houle and his staff return in 2024/2025, as they seem aligned with what NHL coaches want.
#8. The Buffalo Sabre’s wasted little time in naming Lindy Ruff as their new head coach.
#9. The San Jose Sharks have fired head Coach Dan Quinn and are looking for their head coach.
#10. The Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche series looks like its going to be a wild offensive series.
#11. Is any team, more unlucky, than the Dallas Stars are, as they once again get to face the Las Vegas Golden Knights?
#12. The Florida Panthers look to be in charge of their series with the Tampa Bay Lightning.
#13. Once again the Toronto Maple Leaf’s get to face their favorite nightmare by playing the Boston Bruins.
#14. The Vancouver Canucks and Nashville Predator series looks like the most even series in the opening round of the 2023/2024 playoffs.
#15. In the Washington/N.Y. Rangers series, the N.Y. Rangers clearly look like the fresher team.
#16. The Edmonton Oilers look like they have brought their A game against the L.A. Kings this year.
#17. In the Carolina Hurricane Vs. N.Y. Islanders series. It looks like the head coaches Rod Brind ‘ Amour and Patrick Roy have taken center stage.

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Episode 101 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast, Topics include.
#1. What’s with the sudden drama and the need for making sense regarding the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes franchise, they had just shy of 3 decades to figure it out and put it together!
#2. Salt Lake City Utah will be a great addition to the NHL. It’s a top winter sports destination in the work. It has some of the most rabid and Loyle fan’s anywhere, and a modern-day owner that gets it.
#3. It’s long overdue that the team owners of all franchises should pay 100% of the costs, as they stand to rake in all of the generated revenue by the team that they own.
#4. Taxpayers need to stop paying for any and all arena, stadium or any other related franchise costs, except the ticket cost and things that they specifically.
#5. If a sports team attempts to hold a city hostage by leaving if it and its tax payers don’t agree to foot the bill, then let the team walk!
#6. The NHL should now understand that the cities of Pheonix A.Z and Atlanta G.A. are 2 markets where the game does not fit and move on from those cities. They are just not a fit for the NHL. Not all cities will be.
#7. If it does end up that the Winnipeg Jet’s relocate yet again, I’ll bet that the choice of Houston TX has already been made, as to the city to relocate the Winnipeg franchise to.
#8. Looks like the honeymoon for Karl Dubas is already over in Pittsburgh, as he has clearly not endured himself to any of the players.
#9. The pending rebuild looks to be starting sooner, rather than later for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
#10. Would not be a surprise at all if defenseman Kris LeTang announced his retirement.
#11. Would not be a surprise at all if Evgeni Malkin requested a specific trade to the Washington Capital or went to the KHL after the completion of the 2023/2024 playoffs.
#12. After watching Karl Dubas trade Jake Guentzel to the Carolina Hurricanes  and the overall play of the franchise this season, it definitely would not be a surprise to Sidney Crosby request a trade to a contending team, if he decides that it’s time to move on from Pittsburgh.
#13. Montreal is not a fit for Sidney Crosby.
#14. Montreal is not a fit for Steven Stamkos.
#15. What is with all of the senseless drama surrounding Carrey Price drama now that his house has officially sold in Montreal, was there actually people who thought he was still coming back, seriously?
#16. What part of Carrey Prices interview, when he said, if this is my last game that I play, I’m ok with everything. There was no grey area in that comment. It was very clear and obvious.
#17. As the playoffs are underway, it got to be stinging very badly for all of the self-anointed and self-appointed experts to watch Alexander Ovechkin continue his reign of supremacy as the best.

Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Hello hockey fans out there, her is episode 100 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast to listen to, Topics include-
#1. The Arizona Coyote’s are moving to Salt Lake City
#2. Not even remotely surprised that no other city was considered.
#3. Outside of the maritime region of Canada and yet another team in the province of Ontario, there’s very little chance of any other Canadian cities being awarded NHL clubs.
#5. The situation in Winnipeg has to be very concerning to the NHL, and it would not be a surprise at all to see that NHL club relocated to Houston TX at some point.
#6. If the Winnipeg franchise doesn’t get relocated to Houston TX, Houston TX followed by Portland OR, Indianapolis IN, Madison Wisconsin, or Austin TX would have to be the next likely in line for an expansion franchise.
#7. Kaiden Guhle’s concussions and injuries should be concerning. Adam Engstrom is an insurance policy, if something happens to Guhle.
#8. Captain Nick Suzuki had a fantastic season setting new goal and total points for a season.
#9. Cole Caufield had a very complete season setting new goal and total points for a season, after offseason shoulder surgery.
#10. Juraj Slakovski’s had an outstanding season hitting 20 goals and 50 total point in his first year and a half in the league, proving all the doubter wrong, with tremendous improvement throughout his game.
#11. Logan Mailloux and Lane Hutson looked great in their initial appearances.
#12. Samual Montembeau had a solid 2023/2024 season.
#13. Cayden Primeau has arrived and has sent a message he will be gunning for the starting goaltending job in the 2024/2025 season.
#14. How can anyone still be thinking that Montreal should make a play for Pierre Luc Dubois. Pierre Luc Dubois was a total no show in L.A. after they acquired him from the Winnipeg Jets. It would be the worst acquisition/trade since Irving Grundman traded Rod Langway, Brian Engblom, Doug Jarvis and Craig Laughlin to the Washington Capitals for Rick Green and Ryan Walter in 1982 or the Scott Gomez trade engineered by Bob Gainey.
#15 Have the Montreal Canadiens disrespected prospect Filip Mesar, by giving his jersey number to Lane Hutson, What. Who cares!
#16. Absolutely, the NHL should be looking into the Las Vegas Knights and Mark Stone.
#17. I didn’t realize after playing in only 1 NHL game, that there’s enough generated information to determine a prospect NHL future, and where that player will slot in on the defense or offense. Wow, you must be a fortune teller in your spare time!
#18. The Buffalo Sabre’s have fired their7th head coach in the last 13 years. It should very obviously that head coaches are not the problem. Look real deep into the organization.
#19 Buffalo Sabre’s General Manger Kevin Adams is a solid General Manager and is not the problem either, keep looking deeper!
#20. Montreal Canadiens Right-Handed defenseman Jonathan Kovacevic very quietly put together an excellent 2023/204 with the best plus/minus on the team by far.
#21. Marc Bergevin know how to spot and draft talent, the issue was development of that talent.
#22. Luke Tuch will be a very interest prospect.
#23. Ivan Demidov, Cayden Lindstrom, Catton Berkley or Cole Eiserman should be at the top of Montreal’s 2024 draft list.
#24. Arizona Coyote’s have provide Montreal with a 2024 draft present by beating the Edmonton Oilers 5 to 2 in their 82nd game of the 2023/2024 regular season, which in turn solidifies Montreal’s position in the bottom 5 teams of the NHL club standing for the 2023/2024 regular season
#25. Can’t wait to see who of the many fantastic organizational prospects make the 2024/2025 season.

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Episode 99 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast Content Page
#1. Nick Suzuki is having a great season.
#2. Arber Xhekaj is evolving into a top 4 defenseman.
#3. Joel Armia’s risen from the ashes.
#4. Before Joel Armia  is traded, there are a host of other player to trade first, starting with Josh Anderson.
#5. A total head scratcher, why does Montreal need to acquire or sign forwards Max Domi, Danton Heinen, Eric Robinson, Christian Fischer, Kyle Okposo, Rourke Chartier, Jonathan Marchessault, Jake Guentzel, Dakota Joshua or defensemen Calvin de Haan and Matt Roy?
#6. Why does it remain such an amazement that Martin St. Louis has retained such as amazing upbeat perspective and attitude about the season and the future.
#7. It’s fantastic that the Montreal Canadiens are leaving right defensive prospect Logan Mailloux in Laval for the entire year, for both his development and for the Laval Rockets playoff push and success.
#8. How is anyone surprised at how quickly right defensive prospect Davide Reinbacher has fit into and adapted to the North American game and ice size as fast as he has?
#10. Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes excel at what they do, and know and recognize talent when they see it, how does this remain a surprise to anyone?
#10. Hat’s off to Michael Pezzetta taking on Ryan Reeves, make no mistake, his actions will be responded to next season.
#11. Cayden Primeau had an outstanding game against the N.Y. Rangers.
#12 Cole Caufield is just fine.
#13. Austin Matthews has tied Alex Ovechkin for most goals in a cap era system season, this is news?
 #14. News is when Austin Matthews breaks Wayne Gretzky’s single goals season record of 92 goals or surpasses Alexander Ovechkin’s career goals totals, let’s talk then.
#15. Arber Xhekaj will have season surgery ending on his left shoulder this time.
#16. Florian Xhekaj has signed a 3-year entry contract, after the completion of his OHL Career.
#17. Rather than trades and free agent signings, a bigger concern for the Montreal Canadiens in the off season, is a conditioning and protective program for all of their players and prospects, but especially for Kaiden Guhle and Arber Xhekaj.
#18. Jaruj Slafkovski has had an amazing season.
#19. Welcome back Christian Dvorak.
#20. You limit your own options, that’s your failure, not anyone else's.
#21. If taking a different path or thinking outside the box doesn’t work, then explain the 1989 and 1993 Stanley Cup winners!
#22. Where’s all the excitement for Logan Mailloux, David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, Owen Beck, Filip Mesar, Sean Farrell and Florian Xhekaj, rather than having to make a trades for anyone or free agent signings?

Sunday Apr 07, 2024

Hello Hockey fan’s here’s Episode 98 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast topics include-
#1. The return of Montreal Canadiens forward Christian Dvorak. Welcome back, but hopefully he is traded is the upcoming offseason.
#2. I hope Nick Suzuki and Mike Matheson do not partake in the Upcoming world championships. As for Samual Montembeau and Alex Newhook, it’s a great tournament for them to be a part of, and it makes since for them and where they are at in their careers.
#3. As for the United States Team at the World Championship’s Cole Caufield and Cayden Primeau should absolutely play for the United States at the World Championship’s this year, both of their games would benefit from it, tremendously.
#4. Juraj Slafkovsky should absolutely play for Slovakian team at the 2024 World Championships. It will be a fantastic conclusion to an excellent season of growth. I hope that Filip Mesar plays for Slovakia team as well.
#5. As for Joel Armia playing for Finland at the 2024 World Championships, he always seems to have a great a tournament every year he plays in it. So, here’s to Joel Armia plays for Finland and has a fantastic tournament.
#6. Martin St. Louis responded perfectly when he asked what he thought about Montreal Canadiens players being named to and playing at the 2024 World Championships. St. Louis cut off the discussion, and responded that there are still 10 regular games to play and it would be inappropriate to discuss the 2024 World Championship’s at this point and time. Once again, Martin St. Louis showed he has his priorities in the proper order of importance.
#7. The Art Ross and Heart Trophies contest is a 3-man race.
#8. Acquiring Trevor Zegras from the Anaheim Ducks, Martin Necas from the Carolina Hurricanes or Kent Johnson from the Columbus Blue Jackets, would be an exact replica of the acquisitions of Johnathan Drouin, Josh Anderson or Christian Dvorak, how have those acquisitions turned out for the Montreal Canadiens and their fans?
More bad contracts, more players that take nights off, and that have not lived up to their skills, abilities or expectations. Montreal has their starting for centers in Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dach, Owen Beck and Jared Davidson. Maybe everyone thinks that the Montreal Canadiens need more centers and players like Jesperi Kotkaniemi or Alex Galchenyuk, because they turned out so well, and had great careers while in Montreal? How does trading away young talented players from its NHL roster, tremendous prospects already within your organization, or the throwing away of valuable draft capital make any since here?
#9. John Tortorella is doing it right, too bad he’s direct and to the point. Pay attention, do your job, or you will not be here!
#10. Montreal Misses the playoff for the 3rd year in a row.

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Hello Hockey Fan’s, take a listen to Episode 97 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast to get your hockey fix, topics include-
#1. In what world does trading Cole Caufield and Montreal’s own 2024 1st round pick to the to the San Jose Sharks for the 1st overall pick in the 2024 NHL Draft, so that Montreal could then select Boston University center Macklin Celebrini make any kind of sense?
#2. The negative ripple effect throughout the entire Montreal organization would be disastrous on every level. I would expect that Nick Suzuki would immediately demand a trade, and prospect development and opportunity would be destroyed.
#3. Montreal is solid 1-4 at center with Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dach, Owen Beck and Jared Davidson!
#4. Montreal has assembled everything it needs and does not need anyone else from any other club. What hasn’t been seen yet, is all of the talent Montreal has assembled on the ice at the same time. Starting in goal with Samual Montembeau and Cayden Primeau right now in Montreal, Jakub Dobes in Laval, Jacob Fowler at Boston College, Yevgeni Volokhin in the Russian league and Quentin Miller in the QMJHL.
Defense prospects, the top 7: Logan Mailloux, Kaiden Guhle, David Reinbacher, Lane Hutson, Arber Xhekaj and Jordan Harris or Jayden Struble. Followed by Adam Engstrom, Bogdan Konyushkov, William Trudeau, Juston Barron, David Savard, Mike Matheson, Mattias Norlinder, Dmitri Kostenko or Daniil Sobolev, Petteri Nurmi and Miguel Tourigny.
Looking at the offense, the top 6: Nick Suzuki , Cole Caufield, Jaraj Slafkovsky, Kirby Dach, Alex Newhook and Joshua Roy, then add Filip Mesar, Owen Beck and Sean Farrell to fill out the top 9, wrapped up with centers Lias Andersson, Lucas Condotta, Jared Davidson, Xavier Simoneau or Riley Kidney, Left Wingers Florian Xheakaj, Michael Pazzetta, Emil Heineman, Jordan Harris, that’s right I said Jordan Harris or Riley Kidney can also play left wing, Vinzenz Rohrer, Rhett Pitlick, Cedrick Guindon, and for right wing options Josh Anderson, Brendan Gallagher, Joel Armia, Jacob Perreault, Arnaud Durandeau, Blake Biondi who can also play center, Alexander Gordin or Jesse Ylonen. That’s an immense amount of options for a 4th line with 3 positions to fill.
#5. 2024 draft targets for Montreal include, Russian Winger Ivan Demidov, United States Hockey League winger Cole Eiserman, Medicine Hat center Cayden Lindstrom and Spokane Center Barkly Catton.
#6. Cayden Primeau has nothing to prove to anyone else, he’s proven what he needs to, to the people that matter.
#7. Jordan Harris has played beyond expectation since making the jump directly from Northeastern University to the NHL and nothing to prove to anyone.
#8. Josh Anderson is what he is.
#9. It’s great to see that Ryan Poehling has found a home in Philadelphia. I wish him absolutely the best, and a very long career.
#10. Nick Suzuki set’s new goal and points totals.
#11. Juraj Slafkovsky sets new point total record by a teenager in Montreal Canadiens history.
#12. Why does Montreal have to immediately sign prospects Oliver Kapanen, Adam Engstrom, Luke Touch, Jared Davidson and Lane Hutson, are they in imminent danger of losing these players rights?
#13. Why is the selling Carrey Prices home in Montreal such a big deal with so much drama attached to it?

Sunday Mar 31, 2024

Hey, Hockey Fans, take a listen to Episode 96 of the Hockey Free For All Podcast, Topics Include-
#1. Sounds like the media is trying to get Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella kicked upstairs to management position, not anyone in the Flyers organization or John Tortorella himself wanting it.
#2. The Media and its relationship with John Tortorella has a screaming resemblance of those who have problems or issues with Bill Belichick in the NFL.
#3. Martin St. Louis did not, and does not owe any anyone, any kind of explanation about his emergency leave.
#4 It turns out that that are actual living human beings that have nothing better to do with their lives or within their lives than to continue to harbor bad will towards Johnathan Drouin. Really, do these people just outright refuse to grow up or what. He’s gone people. The management that acquired him is gone, get over it and, move on.
#5. Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes continue to do what’s right for the organization and ignore all of the external stupidity thankfully.
#6 If you like variety and the complete unknown, the 2024 draft could truly be very interesting for the Montreal Canadiens. They could stand pat and do nothing else. They could package to move up. They could trade out of the first round all together because they believe their prospect targets are gone.
#7. Top 2024 draft prospect interest should be in Russian Winger Ivan Demidov, Spokane WHL Center Barkly Catton, Medicine Hat WHL Center Cayden Lindstrom or Boston University H-East Winger, Cole Eiserman. It all depends on their finish and the draft lottery.
#8. If one is obsessed with moving prospects, try this list. Jesse Ylonen, Jacob Olofsson, Mattias Norlinder, Rhett Pitlick, Rafeal Harvey-Pinard, Luke Touch, Jack Smith, Blake Biondi, Alexander Gordin, Oliver Kapanen, Dmitri Kostenko, Daniil Sobolev, Joe  Vrbetic, Adam Engstrom, Vinzenz Rohrer, Cedrick Guindon, Emmett Croeau, Petteri Nurmi, Miguel Torigny, Sam Harris, Filip Eriksson, Luke Mittelstadt. Would be top level talent for other teams and would fill needs.
#9. Free Agent NCAA options to look at include, Winger Josh Nadeau who plays at the University of Maine. T.J. Hughes, who has not looked out of place at all on a stacked Michigan roster. Jaxon Nelson out of the University of Minnesota with NHL ready size and weight of 6’ 04 and 225 lbs. Jacob Quillan from Quinnipiac or Collin Graf a teammate of Jacob Quillan at Quinnipiac and is the only player to gather more point this season than Jacob Quillan did this season?
#10.  One has to really wonder if Head Coach Sheldon Keef either already has or is about to lose the locker room. Calling out players publicly too many time fractures locker rooms badly. Joel Quinnville .


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